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EWS Housing Scheme

EWS Housing Scheme related developments in the district of Darjeeling

With a view to providing proper shelters, free of cost, to the poor, the District Administration of Darjeeling has laid proper focus on construction of houses for the Economically Weaker Section of people. Families with Monthly income of Rs. 6000/- or less, who have no pucca house of their own or in the name of any member of their family are benefitted under this scheme. People in the BPL list will get priority.

Category of Beneficiaries :

a) Poor People in Rural and Urban areas all over the district of Darjeeling.

b) Poor People in Erosion/ Flood/ Other calamity affected/ Disaster prone areas.

c) Poor People affected by Government Projects ( As part of rehabilitation measures )

Provision of Land

The Scheme will be implemented in Rural areas on the land to be provided by the beneficiary of his / her own land / patta land and must be free from all encumbrances. In case of urban areas where land of beneficiaries is not available, the Group Housing may be built on the land supplied by District Administration, Municipality or any Development Authority.


The dwelling unit will be in the IAY pattern . District Administration shall provide a low cost toilet in every case.

Cost of the dwelling Units :

a) In Rural Area and Urban Areas (plain areas) :- As per IAY pattern of Rs 70,000/- per unit.

b) In Hilly/ Difficult and Sundarban Areas :- As per IAY pattern of Rs 75,000/- per unit.

Few works are the highlighted below:

Darjeeling Pulbazar Development Block

Kurseong Development Block

Exclusive Rights :

Housing Department, GoWB reserves the exclusive right of any addition, alteration, corrections of the schemes / lists of beneficiaries after approval, if it is felt essential. The Monitoring Committee of this housing scheme will also monitor and look after the already sanctioned and implemented units in different areas in the district.