Mirik Subdivision - A nest in the hills is West Bengal’s one of the hill resort at an altitude of 1767 metres with its own special charms – 49 km. From Darjeeling and 52 km. From Siliguri. 1.25 km. Long lake is fed by perennial streams. A floating fountain in the middle of the lake is a joy for ever and very often you may find the glory of Kanchenjungha reflected in the lake waters. A rich forest with thousands of Cryptomaria-Japanica trees clothe the slopes on the west. A 3.5 km. zig-zag footwalk takes you along the lake – a sleek foot bridge connects the garden on the east with the woods on the west. Alone or in company, you are sure to enjoy a boat-ride in the lake.



335 ACRES (Tourism Project area)


1700 metres (5800 ft)


16,000 (approx)


Summer : 29°C Max - Min 15°C
Winter : 13°C Max - Min 2 °C


279.4 cm (Annually)

Best Season

March to mid June
September to December


Summer : Light Woollens & tropicals
Winter : Heavy Woollens


English, Gorkha, Bengali & Hindi



Nearest Airport is Bagdogra, about 55 km. from Mirik


Nearest Rail-heads are Ghoom 41 km., Darjeeling 49 km. and Siliguri 52 km.


Mirik is connected by road with Darjeeling, Siliguri and Kurseong by the following routes :
(i) Mirik-Hilay-Bhanjang-Pashupati Fatak-Simana-Sukhiapokhri-Ghoom-Darjeeling – 49 km.
(ii) Mirik-Soureni-Phuguri T.E.-Gayabari T.E. – Dudey Garidhura-Khaprail-Siliguri – 52 km.
(iii) Mirik-Garidhura-Longview T.E.- Makaibari T.E. Kurseong – 46 km. (Jeepable).

Places of Interest

The Lake

The beautiful 1.25 km. long lake is the most attractive spot of the Mirik Tourism Project. The depth of the lake water varies from a minimum of 3 ft. to maximum of 26 ft. The walks on the 3.5 km. long promenade around the lake is a fascinating one. The 80 ft. long arch-type overbridge across the lake is a wonderful engineering skill of the project. Arrangements of fishing in the lake is to be implemented soon. Boating facility is also available in the lake.

Kawlay Dara

For fabulous view of the plains as well as mountains. Beautiful view of sunrise and sunset can also be seen.

Deosi Dara

Another observatory point for stupendous landscape view.


An ideal picnic spot.

Tea Estates

There are eight tea gardens in Mirik area. Thurbo T.E., one of the best tea-estates, is only 2 kms. from the lake. The factory may be visited with the permission of the manager.

Orange orchards

About two kilometers from Mirik, situated on the spur, one can seen beautiful orange orchards. Mirik is the largest supplier of orange in West Bengal. One can also have glimpse of the village life of hill areas.

Cardamom grove

Cardamom groves can be seen any where near the marshy land.


The famous Hindu-temples "Singha Devi Mandir" on the western bank of the lake.

Excursion Picnic Spot

Dudhia-30 km. from Mirik. A beautiful picnic spot.


Trekking from Mirik to Sandakphu, Phalut, has become very popular. Short Trek from Mirik to Kurseong via Balasan river & Namsu could be covered within one day only.

Courtesy of Information : Tourism Department, Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council, Darjeeling.