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Resolution of the Tender Selection Committee

Tenders & Notices

District Magistrate Office
O/O The CMOH, Darjeeling Notice : ACSM for Community level from NGO
Notice : ACSM of youth from NGO
Notice : Contact tracing scheme from NGO
Notice : Improving TB control in urban scheme from NGO
Notice : Sputum collection and Transportation scheme from NGO
Memo No. CMOH/Darj/34/18 dated 08.01.2018
Material Cell- Municipal Election, DM Office, Darjeeling NIT No:- 06/MC-MA dated 24.04.2017
    NIT No:-07-2017-18/MC-MA dated 24.04.2017
    NIT No:- 05-2017-18/MC-MA dated 18.04.2017
    NIT No:- 04/MC-MA dated 18.04.2017
    NIT No:- 03-2017-18/MC-MA dated 17.04.2017
    Notice No:- 02/MC/MA dated 10.04.2017
    Notice No:- 01/MC/MA dated 03.04.2017
Anandadhara District Office, DMMU, Siliguri NIT No. DMMU/SLG/2018/Tender/04 dated 31.07.2018 under the office of ADMD, DDMU Siliguri form reputed printers for printing of formats/documents specified in the tender
    NIT (2nd Call) No. DMMU/SLG/2018/Tender/01 dated 23.04.2018 under the Office of ADMD, DDMU Siliguri for supply of Stationary Articles etc.
    NIT under the Office of ADMD, DDMU Siliguri dated 23.04.2018
    NIT under the Office of ADMD, DDMU Siliguri dated 03.11.2017
    Four number of NITs under Memo no. 371 of the ADMD, DDMU Siliguri dated 15.09.2017
    Five number of NITs under Memo no. 356 of the ADMD, DDMU Siliguri dated 06.09.2017
District Child Protection Unit, DM Office, Darjeeling Memo No: 199(4)/DCPU/Dj-17 - EOI from DCPU Darjeeling dated 26.05.2017
    Memo No: 176/DCPU/Dj-17 dated 02.05.2017
INFRASTRUCTURE CELL ,DM Office,Darjeeling Tender Notice 01(Infrs)/ME dated 26.04.2016
    Tender Notice 03(Infrs)/Elec dated 22/03/2016
    Tender Notice 03(Infrs)/Elec dated 17/03/2016
IT CELL ,DM Office,Darjeeling Tender Notice401/IT CELL dated 05/03/2016
    Tender Notice(Corrigendum) dated 03/03/2016
    347(5)/E/EC dated 01/03/2016
    348(5)/E/EC dated 01/03/2016
District Land and Land Reforms Office,Darjeeling Memo No 1134/M&M/DLLRO-DJ/16 dated 26/05/2016
    Modification of notice under memo no 151/M&M/DLLRO-Dj/16 dated 20/01/2016
    Memo no 151/M&M/DLLRO-DJ./16 dated 20/01/2016
Backward Classes welfare, Siliguri,Shivmandir NIT No - 01/N/BCW/SLG of 2017-18 dated 07/09/2017
    NIT : 02/N/BCW/SLG of 2016-17 dated 15/09/2016
Nazarath Section,Darjeeling NIQ Memo No:- 182/Nzt. dt 11.04.2018
    NIQ Memo No:- 180/Nzt. dt 10.04.2018
    NIT No:- 03-2017-18/Nzt. dt 21.12.2017
    NIT No:- 02-2017-18/Nzt. dt 01.12.2017
    Memo :- 466/Nzt. dt 28.11.2017
    Memo :- 464/Nzt. dt 28.11.2017
    Memo :- 434/Nzt. dt 17.11.2017
    Memo :- 433/Nzt. dt 17.11.2017
    Memo :- 412/Nzt. dt 07.11.2017
    Memo :- 218/Nzt. dt 01.04.2017
    Memo :- 207/Nzt. dt 24.03.2017
    Memo :- 185/Nzt. dt 17.03.2017
    NIT 03/NZT/2016-17 dt 31.01.2017
    NIT 02/NZT/2016-17 dt 25.01.2017
    NIT 01/NZT/2016-17 dt 05.01.2017
    Memo No:302(2)/Nzt. Dated 24/11/2015
Election Section, Darjeeling NIT Memo no. 173/Elec dated 05/04/2018
    Re-tender Notice no. 3/Elec dated 24/01/2018
    Quotation Notice for data entry work dated 11/01/2018
    NIT No: 1/Elec dated 05/01/2018
    NIT No: 1/SRER-2018/ELEC dated 27/07/2017
    NIT No: 2/SRER-2018/ELEC dated 27/07/2017
    Memo No: No: 155/1(4) dated 16/3/2017
    Memo No: 147/1(6)/Elec. dated 09/03/20217
    QUOTATION Memo no 49/1(6)/Elec. dated 16.01.2017
    No. 145/Elec, Dated 19.07.2016
District ICDS Cell ,Darjeeling Memo no. 63/ICDS/DPO/DJ dated 21/03/2018
    NIT No. 318/ICDS-Dj/15 dated 02/12/2015
Excise Department,Darjeeling Excise/Warehouse/C-390 E dated 19.01.2017
Pension Section, Darjeeling Treasury Notice: Memo. No. 148/Try. dated : 11/06/2014
Census NIT 02/II-I/SECC-2011 dated 05/06/2014
Disaster Management Memo No.751/1(5)/DMS dated 02/09/2015
    Memo No.567(5)/DMS dated 24/07/2015
    Quotation is invited for stender_020915upply of Girl's Frock dated 03/03/2015
    e-NIT 4-Clothing/DMS/2014-15Dt:13/01/2015
    e-NIT 3-Clothing/DMS/2014-15 Dt: 09/12/2014
Development & Planning NIQ Notice: O/O DPRDO, Darjeeling Sealed Quotation from CAG empanelled auditors for financial Audit of National Social Assistance Programme (NSAP) for FY 2017-18 for Nine (09) Development Blocks and District Headquarters vide NIQ No - 379/NIQ-2018/DPRDO dated 02/07/2018
Notice Inviting Tender No - 05(Plan) MISC 2016-17
NIQ 04/Plan/Misc/2016-17
Corrigendum dated 28/12/2016
Corrigendum dated 10/02/2016
MGNREG Memo No.1204/MGNREGS dated 11/04/2013
Forms & Stationary Section
Memo :- 59/Forms. dt 09.03.2018
Memo :- 57/Forms. dt 22.02.2018
Memo :- 54/Forms. dt 18.12.2017
Memo :- 53/Forms. dt 24.11.2017
NIT No.01/F&S dated 21/06/2016
Food Department Auction Notice Memo No 38/Food/2018 dated 04/04/2018
    Memo No 38/a(30)/Food dated 26/08/2015
    Memo No 1/Food dated 08/01/2015
SDO Offices
BDO Offices
Office of the BDO, Kurseong Seperate sealed tenders are invited for MGNREGA works by O/O Programme Officer, MGNREGS and Council Development Officer, Kurseong, Darjeeling vide NIT No: 02/18-19/MGNREGA/SHIVAKHOLA GP dated 09/07/2018
    Seperate sealed tenders are invited for MGNREGA works by O/O Programme Officer, MGNREGS and Council Development Officer, Kurseong, Darjeeling vide NIT No: 02/18-19/MGNREGA/GHAIYABARI- III GP dated 09/07/2018
    Seperate sealed tenders are invited for MGNREGA works by O/O Programme Officer, MGNREGS and Council Development Officer, Kurseong, Darjeeling vide NIT No: 02/18-19/MGNREGA/GHAIYABARI- II GP dated 09/07/2018
    Memo No: 25/4/Estt on EOI dated 09/01/2018
    NIT No. 05/17-18/Estt dated 09/01/2018
    NIT No. 09/MPLADS-CF(LS) dated 23.07.2015
    NIT No. 05/MPLADS-RS dated 29.04.2015
    NIT No. 06/BEUP dated 29.04.2015
    NIT 03/BEUP dated 10.04.2015
    NIT 04/BEUP dated 10.04.2015
    NIT No.-609/54/EWS dated 10/01/2014
    NIT No.-05/14-15/MPLADS dated 10/09/2014
    NIT No.-06/14-15/BEUP dated 10/09/2014
Office of the BDO,Darjeeling-Pulbazar,Bijanbari Memo No 04/Tender/BEUP/2016-2017 dated 29/03/2017
    Memo No 02/BADP/DP/2015-16 dated 28/01/2016
    Memo No 01/BADP/DP/2015-16 dated 14/01/2016
    Memo No 272/Tender/MPLADS-LS/15 dated 16/07/2015
    Memo No 120/Tender/BEUP/15 dated 08/06/2015
    NIe-t No.1006/Tender/BEUP/15 dated 09/04/2015
    NIe-t No.01/MGNREGS/DP/2014-15 dated 31/03/2015
    Memo No. 46/Tender/IMDP/14 dated 03/02/2014
    Memo No. 47/Tender/13th. FC/14 dated 03/02/2014
    Memo No. 723/Tender/BEUP/14 dated 30/10/2014
    Memo No.04/PIA/ IWMP-9/12-13 dated 05/11/2014
Office of the BDO,MIRIK NIT 48/BDO(MRK)/B.E.U.P/15 dated 04/12/2015
    e-TENDER No.01/PO & BDO/MGNREGA/2015-16 dated 28.04.2015
    TENDER FORM for Tender No.01/P.O & BDO (MRK)/MGNREGA/2015 - 16. Date:-28.04.2015
    Mirik BDO Tender dated 23/03/2015
    NIT:44/BDO(MRK)/F&S/15,Date 25.02.2015
    NIT:40/BDO(MRK)/13thF.C./15',Dated 09.01.2015
    NIT:41/BDO(MRK)/E.W.S./15',Dated 09.01.2015
    NIT:39/BDO(MRK)/B.E.U.P/15',Dated 09.01.2015
Office of the BDO Rangli Rangliot Notice no: 02/NIT/2018-19 dated 20/04/2018
    Notice no: 07/NIT/2018 dated 14/03/2018
    Notice no: 06/NIT/2018 & 01/BDO/RR/MPLADS dated 18/01/2018
    NIT:343/2017-18/MPLADS L.S. dated 31/10/2017
Dept. of Parliamentary Affairs, GoWB,Kolkata Essay Competition Notice No.730(42)-P.A./1M-14/2014
Office of the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Block), GTA, Darjeeling Pulbazar Development Block, Bijanbari Memo No.06/PIA/ IWMP-9/12-13 dated:27/11/2014
    Memo No.04/PIA/ IWMP-9/12-13 dated 05/11/2014
    NIT – 10/Asst. DA & PIA,IWMP-8/12-13 dated 09/06/2014
Zila Sainik Board, Darjeeling Tender Notice Dated 27/04/2012