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Resolution of the Tender Selection Committee

Tenders & Notices

District Magistrate Office
Material Cell- Municipal Election, DM Office, Darjeeling NIT No:- 06/MC-MA dated 24.04.2017
    NIT No:-07-2017-18/MC-MA dated 24.04.2017
    NIT No:- 05-2017-18/MC-MA dated 18.04.2017
    NIT No:- 04/MC-MA dated 18.04.2017
    NIT No:- 03-2017-18/MC-MA dated 17.04.2017
    Notice No:- 02/MC/MA dated 10.04.2017
    Notice No:- 01/MC/MA dated 03.04.2017
District Child Protection Unit, DM Office, Darjeeling Memo No: 199(4)/DCPU/Dj-17 - EOI from DCPU Darjeeling dated 26.05.2017
    Memo No: 176/DCPU/Dj-17 dated 02.05.2017
INFRASTRUCTURE CELL ,DM Office,Darjeeling Tender Notice 01(Infrs)/ME dated 26.04.2016
    Tender Notice 03(Infrs)/Elec dated 22/03/2016
    Tender Notice 03(Infrs)/Elec dated 17/03/2016
IT CELL ,DM Office,Darjeeling Tender Notice401/IT CELL dated 05/03/2016
    Tender Notice(Corrigendum) dated 03/03/2016
    347(5)/E/EC dated 01/03/2016
    348(5)/E/EC dated 01/03/2016
District Land and Land Reforms Office,Darjeeling Memo No 1134/M&M/DLLRO-DJ/16 dated 26/05/2016
    Modification of notice under memo no 151/M&M/DLLRO-Dj/16 dated 20/01/2016
    Memo no 151/M&M/DLLRO-DJ./16 dated 20/01/2016
Backward Classes welfare, Siliguri,Shivmandir NIT : 02/N/BCW/SLG of 2016-17 dated 15/09/2016
Nazarath Section,Darjeeling Memo :- 218/Nzt. dt 01.04.2017
    Memo :- 207/Nzt. dt 24.03.2017
    Memo :- 185/Nzt. dt 17.03.2017
    NIT 03/NZT/2016-17 dt 31.01.2017
    NIT 02/NZT/2016-17 dt 25.01.2017
    NIT 01/NZT/2016-17 dt 05.01.2017
    Memo No:302(2)/Nzt. Dated 24/11/2015
Election Section, Darjeeling Memo No: No: 155/1(4) dated 16/3/2017
    Memo No: 147/1(6)/Elec. dated 09/03/20217
    QUOTATION Memo no 49/1(6)/Elec. dated 16.01.2017
    No. 145/Elec, Dated 19.07.2016
District ICDS Cell ,Darjeeling NIT No. 318/ICDS-Dj/15 dated 02/12/2015
Excise Department,Darjeeling Excise/Warehouse/C-390 E dated 19.01.2017
Pension Section, Darjeeling Treasury Notice: Memo. No. 148/Try. dated : 11/06/2014
Census NIT 02/II-I/SECC-2011 dated 05/06/2014
Disaster Management Memo No.751/1(5)/DMS dated 02/09/2015
    Memo No.567(5)/DMS dated 24/07/2015
    Quotation is invited for stender_020915upply of Girl's Frock dated 03/03/2015
    e-NIT 4-Clothing/DMS/2014-15Dt:13/01/2015
    e-NIT 3-Clothing/DMS/2014-15 Dt: 09/12/2014
Development & Planning Notice Inviting Tender No - 05(Plan) MISC 2016-17  
NIQ 04/Plan/Misc/2016-17
Corrigendum dated 28/12/2016
Corrigendum dated 10/02/2016
MGNREG Memo No.1204/MGNREGS dated 11/04/2013
Forms & Stationary Section
NIT No.01/F&S dated 21/06/2016
Food Department Memo No 38/a(30)/Food dated 26/08/2015
    Memo No 1/Food dated 08/01/2015
SDO Offices
BDO Offices
Office of the BDO,Kurseong NIT No. 09/MPLADS-CF(LS) dated 23.07.2015
    NIT No. 05/MPLADS-RS dated 29.04.2015
    NIT No. 06/BEUP dated 29.04.2015
    NIT 03/BEUP dated 10.04.2015
    NIT 04/BEUP dated 10.04.2015
    NIT No.-609/54/EWS dated 10/01/2014
    NIT No.-05/14-15/MPLADS dated 10/09/2014
    NIT No.-06/14-15/BEUP dated 10/09/2014
Office of the BDO,Darjeeling-Pulbazar,Bijanbari Memo No 04/Tender/BEUP/2016-2017 dated 29/03/2017
    Memo No 02/BADP/DP/2015-16 dated 28/01/2016
    Memo No 01/BADP/DP/2015-16 dated 14/01/2016
    Memo No 272/Tender/MPLADS-LS/15 dated 16/07/2015
    Memo No 120/Tender/BEUP/15 dated 08/06/2015
    NIe-t No.1006/Tender/BEUP/15 dated 09/04/2015
    NIe-t No.01/MGNREGS/DP/2014-15 dated 31/03/2015
    Memo No. 46/Tender/IMDP/14 dated 03/02/2014
    Memo No. 47/Tender/13th. FC/14 dated 03/02/2014
    Memo No. 723/Tender/BEUP/14 dated 30/10/2014
    Memo No.04/PIA/ IWMP-9/12-13 dated 05/11/2014
Office of the BDO,MIRIK NIT 48/BDO(MRK)/B.E.U.P/15 dated 04/12/2015
    e-TENDER No.01/PO & BDO/MGNREGA/2015-16 dated 28.04.2015
    TENDER FORM for Tender No.01/P.O & BDO (MRK)/MGNREGA/2015 - 16. Date:-28.04.2015
    Mirik BDO Tender dated 23/03/2015
    NIT:44/BDO(MRK)/F&S/15,Date 25.02.2015
    NIT:40/BDO(MRK)/13thF.C./15',Dated 09.01.2015
    NIT:41/BDO(MRK)/E.W.S./15',Dated 09.01.2015
    NIT:39/BDO(MRK)/B.E.U.P/15',Dated 09.01.2015
Dept. of Parliamentary Affairs, GoWB,Kolkata Essay Competition Notice No.730(42)-P.A./1M-14/2014
Office of the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Block), GTA, Darjeeling Pulbazar Development Block, Bijanbari Memo No.06/PIA/ IWMP-9/12-13 dated:27/11/2014
    Memo No.04/PIA/ IWMP-9/12-13 dated 05/11/2014
    NIT – 10/Asst. DA & PIA,IWMP-8/12-13 dated 09/06/2014
Zila Sainik Board, Darjeeling Tender Notice Dated 27/04/2012