Census Department


Darjeeling District is divided into four Sub- Divisions namely, Darjeeling (Sadar), kurseong, Siliguri and Mirik.

The Sub-Division wise distribution of the C.D blocks and Urban Local Bodies are as follows:

Darjeeling Sadar Sub- Division consisting of Darjeeling Pulbazar, RangliRangliot and JorebunglowSukhiapokhari C.D Blocks and Darjeeling Municipality.

Kurseong Sub- Division consisting of Kurseong C.D Blocks and Kurseong Municipality.

 Siliguri Sub-Division consisting of Matigara, Naxalbari, Phansidewa and Kharibari C.D Blocks and Siliguri Municipal Corporation.

Mirik Sub-Division consisting of Mirik C. D Blocks and Mirik Municipality.


The Indian Census is the largest administrative and statistical exercise in the world conducted once in every ten years under the provisions of Census Act ,1948 and Census Rules, 1990. The Census data provides information on demographic and socio-economic characteristics of population at the lowest administrative unit i.e. of each Village and Town and ward of the District. The first phase of the Censusstarts with the House Listing and Housing Census and the second phase with Population Enumeration.The census data contains Village & Town Directory data with some important tables depicting availability of basic civic amenities such as drinking water facilities, educational facilities, post & telegraph facilities, banking facilities etc. On the other hand,it also gives details about Total Population including Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes at the C.D. Block/Village level and ward level for urban units like for Statutory Towns and Census Towns. It also gives data for sex wise distribution of population, age group of 0-6 years, literate and illiterate, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, worker and nonworker data, economic category i.e. cultivator, agricultural labour, household industry worker and other worker. Thetotal population of Darjeeling was 18,46,823 with 9,37,259 males and 9,09,564 females as per the Census, 2011. (It may be noted that the district of Kalimpong was then a Sub- Division of Darjeeling District.)

Details of Census Officers engaged in the census taking process and duties performed by them in the district of Darjeeling:

In exercise of power conferred by Sub Sec (2) of Section 4 of Census Act, 1948 (37 of 1948), the following officers are appointed for taking census.

  • Divisional Census Officer- Divisional Commissioners are designated as Divisional Census Officers in the Divisions. Theysupervise the taking of Census within his/ her jurisdiction.
  •  Principal Census Officer- In the districts, the District Magistrates are designated as Principal Census Officers. All arrangements for smooth conduct of the census in his/her jurisdiction shall be made by him/ her. He/she is also responsible to appoint the Census Officers under his/her jurisdiction.
  • District Census Officers- The officers of the appropriate levels such as Additional District Magistrates have been designated as District Census Officers. The District Census Officers will act on behalf of the Principal Census officer at District Headquarters. He/she will be responsible for the co-ordination and control of Charge/ Town Census Officers and the training for Census Operations.
  • City Census Officer- In municipal corporations, Additional Municipal Commissioners or Deputy Municipal Commissioners or Secretary has been designated as the City Census Officers. He/ she will act on behalf of the Principal Census Officer at the Municipal Corporations.
  • Additional District Census Officer- He/she will assist the Principal Census Officer and the District Census Officer especially in training, supervision and appointment of all grades of Census officials under his/her jurisdiction.
  • Sub- Divisional Census Officer- The Sub Divisional Officers of Sub- Divisional Magistrates have been designated as Sub- Divisional Census Officers. He/she will assist the Principal Census Officer and the District Census officer in training and supervision of work.
  • Charge Census Officer- In the jurisdiction of Development Block, the Block Development Officers have been designated as Charge Census Officers. He/ she will furnish the list of villages, maps, etc. The selection and appointment of Additional Charge Census Officer, supervisors and enumerators will be done by him/ her. he/she will impart training to the supervisors and enumerators.
  • Additional Charge Census Officer- The Joint Block Development Officers have been designated as Additional Charge Census Officers and will assist the Charge Census Officer and act on behalf of the Charge Census Officer.
  • Town Census Officer- The Executive Officers or Secretary or Manager or Administrator of Municipal Corporation/ Municipal Towns/ Municipalities/ Notified Areas/ Cantonment Boards/ Sanitary Boards/ Industrial Townships and other Statutory Towns have been designated as Town Census Officers. He/ she will furnish all the list of wards, maps, etc. The selection and appointment of Division/ Borough/ Zonal Census Officer, Supervisors and Enumerators and training to the supervisors and enumerators followed by distribution of schedules and forms, timely completion of work and collection of records will be done by him/ her.
  • Supervisors- He /she will supervise the work of Enumerators under him/ her. He/ she will do test checks to ensure all forms reach the enumerators in sufficient quantity in time and are returned duly filled in time. Supervisors will normally be of a rank higher than enumerators.
  • Enumerators- Teachers, clerks or any official of the State Government, local authority etc. can be appointed as enumerator. He/ she is normally assigned the work of about 800 population and the success of Census primarily depends on the timely submission / relay of figures collected by him/ her.

In addition to the regular Census work where the district administration serves as a link between the Director of Census Operations, Kolkata and the Charge Officers, the department is also involved in the matters relating to the following:

  • Aadhar Cards seeding.
  • Urban Agglomeration.
  • National Population Register.
  • Sample Registration System (SRS)

The detailed data in connection with the Census operations in the past and the year 2011 corresponding to the district of Darjeeling can be obtained from the District Census Hand Book (