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Form44 Application for appointment of a Consular Officer by a Diplomatic Officer or then change of registration and re-registration   Form44
Form 53 Certificate in Respect of Exemption of Motor vehicle from Insurance   Form 53
Form 51 Certificate of Insurance – See rule 141   Form 51
Form 44 Intimation of Changes of State of Residence and application for Assignment of Fresh Registration mark by or on behalf of a Diplomatic of Consular Officer   Form 44
Form 43 Certificate of Registration of a Motor Vehicle belonging to a Diplomatic of Consular Officer   Form 43
Form40 Application Form for Grant or Renewal of letter of authority   Form40
Form 39 Form of Letter of Authority issued to an Authorised Testing Station   Form 39
Form 38 A Report of Inspection   Form 38 A
Form 38 Certificate of Fitness(Applicable in the case of Transport Vehicles only)   Form 38
Form 37 Notice to the Registered Owner of the Motor Vehicle to Surrender The Certificate of Registered for Cancellation and issue of fresh Registration Certificate in the Name of the Financier.   Form 37
Form 36 Application for Issue of a Fresh Certificate of Registration in the Name of the Financier   Form 36
Form 35 Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire-Purchase /Lease/Hypothecation   Form 35