The flagship scheme “Swami Vivekananda Swanirbhar Karmasansthan Prakalpa (S.V.S.K.P.)” all over the State to create self-employment opportunities for unemployed youth {with an age group between 18 to 45 years are eligible to apply and on some special case under exceptional circumstances the maximum age has been relaxed for a maximum period of five years (i.e. up to 50 years of age)} including members of backward classes, minorities and women all over the State. Unemployed youths on fulfilment of certain criteria laid down in the Scheme are helped out to start individually or group enterprises with bank finance.Maximum Govt. subsidy of Rs. 90,000=00 for individual and Rs.2.1 lakh for group of five and above representing 30% of the project cost is provided by West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd. (WBSCL). For individual, it is called ‘Atma Maryada’ and the same for a group is called ‘Atma Samman’. The main objective of the scheme was to generate self-employment in the State.


  1. Go to Departmental website on SVSKP icon.
  2. One Time Registration should be done by the
  3. After successful registration, applicant has to log in by giving login id and



  1. Birth certificate/Admit Card (2 MB, format JPG, JPEG ), 2. Pan card (2 MB, format JPG, JPEG ).
  2. Employment Exchange Card / Unemployment Certificate from BDO (2 MB, format JPG, JPEG).
  3. SC/ST/OBC certificate (2 MB, format JPG, JPEG ), 5. SC/ST/OBC Certificate (2 MB, format

JPG, JPEG), 6.Colour Photo (2 MB, format JPG, JPEG), 7. Vetted Project Report (PDF format, Size

2 MB), 8. Signature (PDF format, Size 2 MB), 9.  Self Land Document or NOC from Father/Mother

in whose name land is registered or NOC from Owner of house/NOC from the Manager of Tea

Garden in case of land belongs to Tea Garden are (2 MB, format JPG, JPEG), 10. Trade License

(2MB, format JPG, JPEG).


Year Target No. of Cases Sponsored Cases No. of cases sanctioned by Bank Subsidy disbursed by Banks (Rs. in Lakhs) No. of cases disbursed by Banks Subsidy disbursed by Banks (Rs. in Lakhs) Subsidy involved in Sanctioned cases (Rs. in Lakhs) Financial Target received from the Deptt (Rs. in Lakhs) Amount of subsidy released from the Deptt (Rs. in Lakhs) No. of cases lying pending with Banks
2019-20 0 581 211 116 127.63545 220.62845 0 180.57545 47 52.04 00.00
2020-21 (till 30.06.2020) 0 23 0 2 9 0 0 9.78 9 9.78 00.00


JAAGO is a scheme under Department of Self Help Group & Self Employment for supporting all the graded Self Help groups of the State or SHGs accessing bank credit through a modest annual revolving fund support of Rs.5,000.00. This ‘no strings attached’ funding support is expected to give a boost to the empowerment of the groups. Known as Jaago, the project has a target to cover close to one million SHGs of the state.

The eligibility criteria are –

1. All groups received cash credit limit or term loan or

2. All graded groups or

3. All groups matching the following conditions

(i) 1 Year from formation of SHG or 6 months from opening of an account whichever is earlier an and

(ii) Minimum deposit of Rs. 5000/- in the account.

Report of Jaago:-

Total 11853 numbers of Self Help Groups under NULM and NRLM have been registered out of which 8740 numbers of Self Help Groups received financial assistance till date. Awareness camps at District, Municipal, Block and Gram Panchayat levels have already been completed.

West Bengal Swanirbhar Sahayak Prakalpa (WBSSP):-

It was launched in 2012-13 financial year with the objective of reducing interest burden of the Self-help Groups accessing bank credit through the interest subvention. The scheme ensures that no Self-help Group pays more than 2 per cent as interest for the bank loan received. Interest subsidy from the department ranges from 9 per cent to 2 per cent, depending on the nature of the group and the programme under which the group is mobilized. Implemented through the West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Limited, this is an entirely state government funded programme. In order to streamline the system, it has been decided by the Government that the Banks will submit the claim of subsidy electronically to West Bengal Swarojgar Corporation Ltd, wherefrom the claims will be verified and after verification e-payments will be made directly to the accounts of the eligible SHGs through RTGS/NEFT.

Report of WBSSP:-

Financial Year No. of SHGs received benefit during Amount of interest subsidy provided during
2019-20 436 0.12 Cr.

Sabala Mela:-

District Sabala Mela is organized every year in Darjeeling District which creates a platform for the Self Help Groups, SVSKP Entrepreneurs, artisans and the handicraft artists to show their talents, promote their creations and to encourage their efforts towards creating a livelihood for themselves.

Sabala Mela for the year 2019 was held on and from 06.02.2020 to 14.02.2020 at Attharakhai Gram Panchayat, Shib Mandir, Matigara, Siliguri wherein total cumulative sales figures during the entire period of mela was Rs. 10,00,813/- (Rupees Ten Lakhs Eight Hundred Thirteen only).

Report of Sabala Mela:-

Date (days) No. of stalls No. of SHGs/SVSKP/Others Sale Proceeds

06.02.2020 to


(09 days)

33 nos.




Rs. 10,00,813=00

Training on self-employment and livelihood augmentation:-

Training on self-employment and livelihood augmentation is a programme to provide skill development support to the unemployed young people as well as members of the self-help groups. This assists in enhancing employment opportunities and improve qualitative standard of the products of the SHGs. Training on Sanitary Napkin Production to 111 members of Self Help Groups at Kharibari and Matigara Development Block was held in the financial year 2019-2020 in total four batches in the month of August 2019 in the premise(s) of respective Block(s).

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