Excise Department

The main operation of the department is Carrying out enforcement activities against illegal manufacture and sale of illicit distilled and non duty  paid liquor and regulating the manufacture, supply, distribution and sale of licit  liquor for human consumption to achieve full realizable revenue potential.

The officers of this Department regularly inspect the licensed premises and if any irregularity is detected, it is noted in the inspection Report and on the basis of the inspection report Misc. Case has been initiated by the Collector of Excise, Darjeeling and penal action has been taken against the licensee to curb such irregularity.

During COVID 19 outbreak this Department had supplied approximately 8000 litre of ENA ( Extra Neutral Alcohol) of 96.8 % V/V to different administrative authorities of this district as per their prayer from time to time for making hand sanitizer to fight against COVID 19.

 The contact  nos. of Darjeeling Excise Department are –

  • Office of the Superintendent of Excise, D.M Office, Katchari Compound, Darjeeling-734001.

            Phone Number: 0354-2254309

             Mail id:

  • Office of the Deputy Excise Collector, Siliguri Excise Complex, Court More, Darjeeling-734001.

             Phone Number: 0353-2436203

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