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Important Telephone numbers i.c.w. General Election to Gorkhaland Territorial Sabha 2022 24/06/2022 View (240 KB)
Control room phone numbers in connection with MCC complaints 30/05/2022 View (389 KB)
Handout for Polling Officials 27/05/2022 View (1 MB)
Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (Election) Rules, 2012 05/03/2012 View (2 MB)
Appointment of Municipal Returning Officer (MRO) and Municipal Electoral registration officer for Mirik Notified Area 28/04/2022 View (2 MB)
Form-A Mirik 25/03/2022 View (1 MB)
Mirik-Reservation of Seats 25/03/2022 View (716 KB)
Kurseong-Reservation of Seats 25/03/2022 View (986 KB)
Form-A Kurseong 25/03/2022 View (1 MB)
Notarial Certificate Sandeep Pradhan 15/03/2022 View (5 MB)
Notarial Certificate Pemba Tshering Tamang 15/03/2022 View (5 MB)
Notarial Certificate Palzor Bhutia 15/03/2022 View (5 MB)